Custom Stretch

650mm extension

Custom Stretch

What can you fit in the back of the dual cab? Two tool boxes, a step ladder a couple of small boxes of products, then you put it on the back seat or go up onto a roof rack, which is just plain irritating. Imagine having a 2400mm long tray that you can actually put it all in the back! Even better yet, when you take the ute away at weekends you can leave the toolboxes in there and fit all the family gear around them with all that available space. We can even squeeze a 1,000mm stretch into a single cab ute, imagine how much you can carry on a 3.4 METER tray.



Same size as a Dodge Ram

Suited to a 2800mm tray

Standard chassis strengthening

The ultimate tray, everything fits!

The big boy! This will get you the ultimate tray, a 2400mm tray with a small overhang, smaller than a single cab ute!! A 650mm stretch is all that we recommend if you still want to use your vehicle off road, you need to think about what you want from it, a total of 3” lift will keep this performing like a standard dual cab ute so if you’re just hitting some mild tracks and want to get to 90% of the campsites in Australia this is easily do-able. If you want to get to those extreme/remote places then you will need to match this to a serious 4+ inch lift. Take a look at our extended Toyota Hilux, we can do whatever make/model ute you have.

What’s included
  • Extended chassis with extra support rail
  • Extended tail shaft and all electrics/plumbing etc
  • Chassis strengthening comes as standard
Not included
  • The tray – the options here are limitless so we don’t include the tray in the base cost, just let us know what you’d like and we’ll quote you specifically

As every vehicle we make is custom made we can carry out any work that you require, so if you would like us to fit a lift kit, add some spotties, make a custom tray or even an external roll cage for the ultimate look then just ask and we will provide.


Give us a call to discuss your options and find out how we can help make you a vehicle that will last a lifetime…

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