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We offer any length dual cab chassis extensions which can be completed within the week; bring your ute in on Monday and you can drive it away for that weekend on Friday. Or you can drop your ute off on a Thursday and we will have it road legal by Wednesday so there is minimal down time for you and your tools.

Have a look at our Extended Ford Ranger with it’s 300mm stretched chassis, this allows you to fit the King Cab tub on it, making one tuff looking ute. Or we can build you a stretched Hilux, Navara, BT-50 or any other dual cab you can think of.

Limitless Tailgate Step

The Limitless Tailgate Step

Is this Australia’s only universal ute step? Yes it is!

We’ve finally done it!! The Limitless Chassis crew have been hard at work trying to design a retro fit universal step that can fit on any tailgate and serve two purposes perfectly!

The Limitless Tailgate Step sits out the way on the inside of the vehicle tailgate. When you want to climb into the vehicle, open the tailgate and simply unfold the Limitless Tailgate Step with the help of the gas springs and 5 seconds later easily step up onto your tailgate! It’s just as easy to close and has been designed to be a one handed operation that even the kids can use! There is also the added benefit that you can leave the step in a ½ way position and it acts as a load stop, this only works if you actually use your ute for what it was intended for… carrying things!

Chassis Repairs

Have you got a cracked, broken or snapped chassis and don’t know where to start? At Limitless Chassis we’ve seen plenty of cracked Ranger chassis and snapped Triton chassis so we know exactly what to do.

In-fact have you had your chassis checked after your last trip, likelihood is that if you push your 4wd you are likely to damage the chassis, this is not a problem for us, we can repair it through your insurance company or go it alone, whatever suits you.

Most chassis bend when they have a large rear overhang on the tray. We will work with your current set-up or a new set-up to make sure that the overhang of your chassis is back within manufacturers specs whilst making it practical to use.

Even if the insurance company has said no to repairing your bent Navara chassis (or any other chassis for that matter) then give us a call and we’ll let you know if it can be repaired or not.

Chassis strengthening
From $1,000

Chassis Strengthening

  • Laser cut 350mpa 4mm steel
  • Stitched and rosette welded for maximum strength
  • Fully sealed to stop water/dirt getting in
  • Tried and tested design

Chassis strengthening is a must for all people who are fully loading their ute. How many times have you seen pictures or heard the horror stories about 4×4’s “snapping” or breaking in half in the middle of nowhere? Aside from the obvious possibility of it causing a major accident, this leads to a disappointing holiday and heartache getting your vehicle home or making an insurance claim. The likelihood is that you may have overloaded your vehicle so your insurance company won’t pay out and you may be left with the cost of recovering the vehicle, this can be anywhere from $1,000’s to $10,000’s when in really remote locations.

Cover yourself with one of our chassis strengthening kits. These kits are made from laser cut 4-6mm 350mpa steel plate, stitched and rosette welded to your chassis for maximum strength while retaining you torsional chassis flex for maximum off-road drivability. Depending on your application our plates can go in just the necessary places or you can choose to have a full length strengthener fitted for the unbreakable chassis.

All our plates are painted prior to welding on, then fully sealed before being given a couple of coats of heavy duty textured automotive chassis paint for peace of mind. We’ve found this technique stops the dirt and water getting in. We can also under-seal your chassis, or the whole car if you have a habit of going out bush all the time and want the peace of mind that rust wont creep in.

Each chassis is checked for straightness before these plates are welded in for maximum peace of mind and will allow you to push your car beyond its limits without failing.

Coil Conversions

Coil conversions

So you went on a dirt road a realised that the leaf springs designed in the 18th century aren’t that comfortable, you’re not the only one. As well as providing a rough ride, they are utterly useless in comparison to coil springs when it comes to articulation and flex whilst off-roading.

We can convert your ute to coil springs, quickly, affordably and easily. We have and can convert the following utes to coil spring, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser 79 series dual cab and single cabs, Nissan Patrol leaf sprung utes.

Ford Ranger:

We can convert your Ranger from leaf spring to coil spring with the Superior Engineering kit. This is a well designed, extremely capable and very well built kit that will last a life time and fix the lack of flex at the rear end of the Ranger. This conversion is available for the PX1-3 Ford Rangers.

Land Cruiser:

Ok, so there are lots of Land Cruisers and lots of variants of the kits. Basically we can convert any of the 79 series (VDJ79R) Land Cruisers to coil rear ends. This will fix all the bumping and swaying you have off road. There are alot of options here along with GVM upgrades so speak to us to find out which will best suit your needs.


Nissan patrol coil conversion? No problem. As the Patrol is a well modified vehicle already there are a number of different coil conversions available for it. We can do a 4 link coil conversion on your Patrol or a standard 5 link conversion. You let us know what you’d like to accomplish and we can build the chassis for you.

Whatever you’re after, just give us a call and we’ll let you know your options.

GVM upgrade

GVM upgrade

Gross Vehicle Mass – how much your vehicle can weigh when it is fully loaded. As you may know dual cab utes can all carry around the 1 ton mark, what a lot of people don’t realise is that refers to the dry weight before you add a driver, fuel, bull-bar, dual batteries, fridge, mud tyres, need we go on?

The end result is that most 4wd’s are overweight, the good news is that you are usually only around 10% over unless you’re taking the kitchen sink. Amongst other things, the worst news is that if your vehicle is overweight and you need to make a warranty or insurance claim the manufacturer/insurance company will very happily refuse that claim based on you being over the GVM.

With all chassis extensions we recommend that you up the GVM as naturally you will add extra weight if you are adding extra junk. We offer many different types of GVM upgrade using different types of components and manufacturers. The most common GVM upgrade is the Lovells 10% GVM upgrade, talk to us about fitting one to your vehicle while it is in for its chassis extension. We can always fit it at a later date however it make sense to add it all at the same time and make a big saving on engineering fees.

Dual cab extensions

Dual cab conversions – chassis extensions only

Have you been thinking about building the ultimate 4WD tourer? For this you will need live axles and coil springs, step up the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol dual cab conversion.

We are no longer completing the dual cab conversion itself but we’re still here to complete the chassis extension on your Patrol or Land Cruiser.

What size do you want depends on what sized tray you wish to fit. Generally speaking you can get a 1200mm tray on a standard chassis with no extension. Once you go to a 1400mm+ tray you need to get the chassis stretched.

300mm Patrol chassis extensions suit the hardcore 4wd-er whilst keeping a modest 1400-1500mm tray. If you want an 1800-2000 tray then you’re heading into 600-800mm chassis stretching teritory.

Land cruisers are usually a bit more, they have a larger cabin so you need an extra 100mm chassis extension then the Patrol.

Give us a call today to discuss your situation and we’ll let you know what option will be best.

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