Caravan Modifications and Repairs

Caravan Repairs

Caravan Repairs and Modifications

Do you need to get your caravan chassis or suspension repaired?  We carry out minor and major  repair work and all types of modifications to caravan chassis.

Right here on the Sunshine Coast we do; caravan ATM (GVM) upgrades, rust repairs, retro fit shock absorbers to your caravan, change your caravan suspension, your possibilities are Limitless.  The best bit is that we have quick turn arounds and even space for you to stay in your caravan while the work is being carried out if you need to.

Give us a call today or pop into our shed in Coolum Beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to discuss your options and find out how we can help improve your caravan for better load distribution, towing, maneuvering or just a tidy up.

MOD plates included
All makes and models

ATM and GVM upgrades

QLD mod plate included

Quick turn arounds

  • Would you like a caravan ATM (GVM) increase?
  • Do you have a crack in the chassis or A-frame?
  • Would you like to add shock absorbers for a better ride?
  • Would you like to replace old or worn suspension?
  • Would you like to convert your van for off-road use?
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Chassis Repairs

We can fix or repair any issue with your chassis including but not limited to:

  • Cracked or damaged rails or A-frames
  • Twisted/bent suspension components
  • Twisted chassis from 4x4ing or a crash
  • Caravan rust repairs
  • You name it we can fix your caravan on the Sunshine Coast
Caravan suspension
  • Increase your caravan ATM (GVM) or load carrying capacities
  • Replace worn or damaged suspension
  • Change suspension type from Leaf suspension to independent coil suspension on your caravan
  • Caravan brake conversions, both hydraulic and electric brakes
  • Add shock absorbers to your caravan for a smoother ride
  • Overhaul rusty suspension components
Would you like to reach the most remote places in this beautiful country?

We can either ‘beef-up’ a current 4wd caravan to make it an extreme 4×4 caravan or convert a road going caravan for full off road use.  The possibilities are Limitless so give us a call today and we can discus all the crazy and wild options avaiable (we can also do tame ones if this is more your style).

The best bit is that you get to have a holiday on the Sunshine Coast while we work on your caravan!


Give us a call to discuss your options and find out how we can help make you a vehicle that will last a lifetime…

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