Which tray type should I choose?

Which tray type should I choose?

Great, so you’re going to get a tray for your ute and get rid of the tiny tub it came with, how do you know what option is best for you?

At Limitless Chassis your options are Limitless so here are some pointers of what we can do for you.



This is the most important part of the tray.  It needs to be lightweight enough so as not to detract too much weight from your GVM and leave you as much load carrying ability as possible.  It needs to be strong enough to withstand the use you intend.

The pre-made standard lightweight aluminium trays you see on the back of 90% of tradie utes are the lightest option.  They’re no good at carting around rocks and rubble for a landscaper but they are the best option if you want to keep your slide on camper on the back most of the time and do the occasional tip run.

Remember as you add accessories so do you add weight.  The under tray trundle draws are the heaviest item (100-150kgs when loaded), then the water tanks and finally the lockers.

We use a local Brisbane based company to make our standard trays using Australian parts so we know they have great quality for the money.

The grey Navara has a standard alloy tray; 2,250mm tray on a 450mm chassis extension.

Limitless Chassis Navara NP300 chassis extension or stretch


This is where the standard alloy trays loose out, they come in set sizes and shapes so you may have to go custom to get the one that suits you.  What sizes are customiseable on a tray?  Everything!  You can change the width, the length, the height of the headboard, the height of the tray from the chassis/ground, we’ll make it suit exactly what you want it to do.

The longer the tray the longer the chassis required.  Really?  Yes and no, the idea with a chassis extension is to reduce the rear overhang so that you can load it properly and so that you can still tow with it.  We try to stick between 12-1300mm from the center of the rear wheels to the tip of the tray.

Have a look at this article we wrote on how to match the tray to the chassis extension.

The blue Ranger has a 2,700mm tray on a 600mm stretched chassis to fit the customer’s Polaris ATV.

600mm chassis extension



Ohh lets get down and dirty and talk material specs….. or not, lets just call it steel or aluminium (alloy).


Pros: Cheaper, stronger (within reason), takes more abuse, easy to repair and make additions.

Cons: heavier, must be painted, it will eventually rust no matter what you do.


Pros: Lighter, doesn’t rust, can be as strong as a steel tray.

Cons: More expensive, damages easily with scratches and dents.

Again the question arises, what are you using it for?  A steel tray will suit a user who carts heavy, odd shaped items and doesn’t care about throwing something in the back and scratching the deck.  An alloy tray with lockers often looks smarter and so it may suit the person who drives it to work each day and visits sites in a clean and tidy ute.

As always your options are limitless so we can make it to suit your uses, we can make them half steel and half alloy to get them tough and light, we can even make the deck replaceable so if the alloy deck gets too scratched you can replace it with a steel one.

The white land cruiser has a steel frame with an alloy deck. It’s 2,900mm tray sits on a stretch land cruiser chassis of 600mm.

75 Series tray and chassis extension


Ok, the world is your oyster here, you can add as many or as little extras as you want.  Just remember the more you add the less weight you can carry as you will be loosing the weight of the item off your GVM. We’ve fitted out our trays with some of the following options, but we’re not limited to these so just let us know what you want:Under tray tool box fuel filler

Under tray lockers

Trundle draws

Fuel tanks hidden in the headboard

Water tanks under the tray

Flood lights that turn on when the doors open

Custom aluminium Amarok tray

Fuel fillers hidden inside lockers

Dual batteries behind fake panels

Ladder racks that move to the headboard when not in use

The silver Amarok has a full loaded 2,250mm tray on a 450mm chassis extension with lockers all round and a removable ladder rack, all colour matched to suit.


Amarok chassis extension


This is an obvious question to ask yourself, how much do I want to spend as it will massively influence your decision. Here they are in a rough order but have a chat to us to see exactly what each option will set you back:

Standard alloy: From $3,000

Powder coated steel: From $4,000

Custom alloy: From $5,500


Speak to us today about what option tray is best for your extended chassis.

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