Which chassis extension is for me

Ranger 450mm chassis extension

Which chassis extension is for me

Well which one do you want?

We get asked all the time; “What extension length is best?”

That’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is!  The good news is that you’ve found Limitless Chassis, the experts in extending chassis, so we can help you here.  It all comes down to exactly what you want to use it for and how you will load it up. Having said that there are a number of basic principles that we use to work this out so here goes.


Firstly work out what sized tray or canopy you want.  Make sure you include anything hanging off the back like spare wheels or jerry cans.

Secondly do you wish to tow and if so, how heavy is the trailer/caravan you wish to drag around with you?

Thirdly what sort of driving style do you have? Is this a work ute for the city where it will rarely go off road, is it a work and play vehicle that will take the kids bikes and a 2.5T caravan a few times a year or are you going to overload it and hit gunshot on your third trip to the cape this year?

Once you’ve figured those out start working on the extension length, try to maintain the manufactures recommended overhang which is between 1200-1350mm from the center of the rear wheels to the tip of the tray.

Don’t forget your tow-ball placement.  The ideal is to have the ball directly under the edge of the tray, you can have it hidden under the tray or sticking out the back if you want but just remember this will change how maneuverable the trailer will be.


Have you got an idea for what you need now?  If you’re still in the dark, here are a few standards that work on most utes.

All the options below are based on a dual cab, you can get away with adding 300mm to the option to change it to an extra cab.  The tray size is also the useable size as the headboard usually adds a further 75-100mm ontop of this.


300mm extension suits 1,800-1,900mm tray

450mm extension suits 2,000-2,100mm tray

600mm extension suits 2,250-2,400mm tray


We hope that helps and whether it has or not you can always give us a call and we’ll run you through the options and give you a recommendation as to what will best suit your situation.

Thanks for reading Limitless Chassis

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