Limitless  Tailgate  Step

The Limitless Tailgate Step

The Limitless Tailgate Step

Is it a step or a load restraint?

We’ve finally done it!! The Limitless Chassis crew have been hard at work trying to design a retro fit universal step that can fit on any tailgate and serve two purposes perfectly!  The Limitless Tailgate Step sits out the way on the inside of the vehicle tailgate.  When you  want to climb into the vehicle, open the tailgate and simply unfold the Limitless Tailgate Step with the help of the gas springs and 5 seconds later easily step up onto your tailgate!  It’s just as easy to close and has been designed to be a one handed operation that even the kids can use!  There is also the added benefit that you can leave the step in a ½ way position and it acts as a load stop, this only works if you actually use your ute for what it was intended for… carrying things!



Aussie made

Universal fitment

Multi purpose

Patented design

  •  Works as a step or a load stop
  • Only 40mm thick when closed meaning it takes up little to no room in the tray
  • Easy one handed operation
  • Double action hinge means it hidden from view when not in use
  • Full width step, it doesn’t get in your way, even when loading large items
  • Aussie designed and built every Step of the way!!
About the design

During designing we thought of everything and we mean everything!  We spent hours on the computer designing and testing before we spent even longer in the factory; fabricating, testing, re-designing and testing again and again.

  • Easy one handed operation; compression T-handle lock that you can use to lift/open the step and with the added benefit of a separate handle to help close the step if you don’t want to bend down.
  • Double action hinge means the step is hidden from view when not in use and gets “thrown over” any accessories when being used, so no possible damage to your vehicle’s tailgate.
  • 316 Stainless Steel parts and components means lifetime durability; we’ve hidden them inside powder coat or put them in plain view, there is a lot of Stainless Steel in this design.
  • Full width step, it doesn’t get in your way, even when loading large items.
  • Textured grit anti-slip surface, even mud can’t trip you up on this step!
  • Fully powder coated for lifetime durability.

“You can have it in every colour so long as it’s black”

Henry Ford 1909

Luckily since Henry’s days we’re refined our painting process’ A LOT!  We offer 3 standard powder coated colours; Dark Grey, Light Grey, Desert Eagle.  However as all our products are powder coated and we like individuality you can order yours in any colour you choose, just contact us first as it will cost a little more and take a little longer to assemble.

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  • We recommend adding the ‘Easy Up and Easy Down’ tailgate struts to this product to make it that full 1 handed operation. Our struts are designed specifically for this tailgate and made here in Auatralia.
  • If you have a different model please contact us to check fitment.
  • You can collect in person from our factory on the Sunshine Coast where we can also fit it for you if you require, get in contact.
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