Custom aluminum tray

Custom aluminum tray
With customisable options

Custom aluminum tray

The standard alloy tray doesn’t take your fancy or fit everything that you need then the custom tray is the way to go.  Our standard custom trays are all aluminium construction; frame and deck, however if you require a super tough tray then how about a steel frame with an aluminium deck, extremely tough yet lightweight.

Click through the options below to learn more and as usual just remember that your possibilities are Limitless so just give us a call to see how we can build you the perfect tray.

We can even squeeze a 1,000mm stretch into a single cab ute, imagine how much you can carry on a 3.4 METER tray.



Same size as the Americans

Fully customiseable size

Built tough yet lightweight

The ultimate tray, everything fits!

Standard finish

As standard our trays are made from all Aussie materials using Aussie labour.  You can pick and choose from the following options on your custom tray to suit your chassis extension.

  • 3mm thick box section frame
  • 4mm thick deck
  • 285mm high heavy duty sides
  • Rattle proof catches
  • LED taillights on a full sized tailboard
  • Multi-fold wheel arches for looks and strength

Click through the headings above to see some more options.

Custom tray acessories

Take a look at our extended VW Amarok, often called the XL Amarok or XXL Amarok. This Amarok has a 450mm chassis extension and a 2,250 x 1900mm useable tray with 4 lockers, hidden fuel filler, cover panel between the cab and the tray and is fully colour coded.

This stretched Ford Ranger has a 2,650 x 1950mm useable tray with water tanks, draw, lockers and ramps for the customers Polaris buggy.

Custom aluminum tray extras
Additional extras

You’re not limited in what you want on your custom alloy tray but how about adding some or all of the following?

  • Under tray trundle draw, custom sizes avaiable
  • Under tray lockers / toolboxes
  • Water tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Removable ladder rack
  • Flood lights for the back
Parking Sensors

As standard we will move your parking sensors to the rear of the tray so that they don’t beep all the time like a lot of aftermarket trays do.  If you don’t have parking sensors we can install a system for you.

Reverse camera

We will relocated your camera so that you can still see the tow-ball and the surrounding area.  If you don’t have a reverse camera we can install one for you.


Our standard finish is raw aluminum but you can choose to have your tray powder coated in a variety of colours and even textured finish, or you can get it colour coded in 2-pack automotive paint to match the exact colour of your ute.

Talk to us about your options today.


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