Chassis repairs

Chassis repairs

One minute you were driving along the road, the next the traffic stops and the car behind you doesn’t!  This usually spells disaster for the owner of the car who got hit up the rear.  Don’t worry Limitless Chassis can help you by repairing the chassis that has a bent rear.

We get calls all the time asking if their car is a write off once it gets hit in the tow bar or rear of the chassis.  The reality is that we have to inspect each ute or 4wd individually to access the type of damage but the majority of the time we can remove the damaged chassis rails, springs and tow bar and replace it with a new section and parts and get you back out on the road.


Here’s a quick case study of a customer from the end of last year.

Situation: The customer called in a flap stating that they had been involved in a nose to tail and that the tow bar had been pushed under the chassis and the tub destroyed.  They sent some photo’s of the damage and we were able to give a quick assessment over the phone.

The repair: The customer dropped the ute off a few weeks later having pulled the tub off themself to find a replacement and we got stuck into the chassis repair.  The rails were bent behind the spring hangers where the tow bar connects and thus needed a serious repair to make sure they could re-fit a tow bar and be allowed to tow again.  We removed the bent sections, cut off the suspension hangers.  We then made replica chassis rails out of high tensile steel, welded these into place, sleeved the entire outside section past the joint onto an existing straight section of chassis.  New captive nuts were welded into the rails in the original position so the tow bar could go on and the mounting holes for the tray/tub were drilled.  The spring hangers got welded back in place and the whole rear of the chassis received a blast, prime and re-paint in textured heavy duty chassis paint, don’t forget the sealant that went inside the chassis rails to prevent rust from the inside as well.

The result: Well the pictures speak for themselves, the rear of the chassis is straight and square again, the finish will last a life time and the customer is happy to get back on the road towing their caravan without worrying about the possibility of a mishap.

If you’ve had a similar crash and have some damage to your chassis, whether it is a bent rear chassis like this or a folded or cracked chassis then give us a call today and we’ll take a look to see how we can repair it for you.  Thanks for reading – Limitless Chassis Team.

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