Body mount chops

Body mount chops

So you bought bigger tyres and now they’re hitting on the front body mounts!  Don’t worry we have a quick and easy answer for that.  A body mount chop, notch or shave, call it what you want they’re all the same.


What is a body mount chop?

Quite simply we chop the corner off the body mount or the front face depending on the vehicle and re-weld it further in so that the larger tyres clear the mount and don’t get hung up.


Who needs a body mount shave?

Any of the modern utes or 4wds that have 285 tyres or larger, more commonly referred to as 33’s or 35’s


What vehicles can receive this modification?

Hilux, Navara, Amarok, Ranger, BT-50, D-max, Land Rover Defender, Triton did I miss any?  Basically all of them.


How long does it take?

Bearing in mind we use top quality paint and that must be allowed to dry, it only takes a day to complete, if you can leave it over night so the paint cures inside in the warmth that is even better.


How much does it cost?

Give us a ring to find out as each model is slightly different.


Standard Mount

After modification – factory finish


After modification – factory look

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